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TAE KWON DO is a Korean martial art of self-defense techniques which are applied with the legs (Tae), with hands (Kwon) and the intellectual, moral and spiritual strength of man (Do). In Tae-Kwon-Do, one does not only train and improves overall physical condition, such as musculo-skeletal and cardio-respiratory system, but also mental and spiritual health. More generally, this martial art helps the spiritual self, inspires respect, politeness, modesty and self-control, promotes synchronization, concentration and reaction, as well as patience and persistence, all of which are very important for the mental health and healthy development of one’s personality.

As for the psychological state of the individual, Tae Kwon Do:

Helps combat everyday stress and anxiety, and to decrease depression (by increasing endorphins in the brain). Children learns how to handle and externalize stress, anger and other negative emotions, thus channeling the energy in a healthy way, which could otherwise lead astray with negative consequences (eg delinquent behavior, aggression, violence).

It also improves the emotional skills, discipline, obedience, courage, trust, respect and increases the confidence of the child. The child learns to hold his\her temper and self-control, as well as to maintain and keep up with the group’s rules. These are key elements for the proper conduct, proper socialization of the child and the smooth integration of other social groups such as the school, the family, the company, a sports team, etc.

It also increases the levels of concentration, perception and judgment of the child, as well as problem-solving and communication (verbal or nonverbal). Through Tae Kwon Do the child receives stimuli, seek to decipher in their own unique way and take action according to its own discretion. General exercise improves mental and cognitive abilities.

Further, the Tae kwon Do is an entertaining, enjoyable and productive activity for children, which are characterized by the innate need for movement and creative expression. Children come into contact with themselves, get to know their weaknesses, their limits and their possibilities and abilities. That is, they develop self-awareness!

Class Trainer

Zarkadas Ioannis

Physican Education Teacher - Tae Kwon Do Coach - Fitness Personal Trainer


Class Information

Time: 1 Year
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional