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The Pilates is a fitness method that keeps the body in excellent physical condition, based on a system stretching exercises and strength. which was inspired and designed by Ellinogermaniki origin Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1880-1967). Characterized as aftoviomatiki since first was tested by the same Pilates after athletes and dancers, the Pilates Method teaches us perfect things for our body, which we can easily transfer and incorporate in our daily lives.

With Pilates body is transformed and acquires a healthy and harmonious silhouette. O Pilates used to say that “in 5 course you begin to feel the difference, in 10 courses others see the difference on you, and in 20 courses you have a whole new body.” More specifically, Pilates strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture and increases its flexibility, and also helps you coordinate and balance body and mind.

Class Information

Price: $30
Time: 1 Year
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional