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Fitness is a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise, while science defines as fitness, the level of all the physical, mental and spiritual aspects at any given time.

Physical fitness has nothing to do with whether you are too weak, or if your muscles are well defined. It is a combination of properties that allow you to attach your full potential in performing physical activities. When you say that you have good physical condition, it means that you have good physical performance and may carry comfortably in your simple daily activities.

The basic components of fitness are five:

  1. cardio-respiratory function or aerobic capacity,
  2. muscle strength,
  3. muscle strength,
  4. flexibility-elasticity
  5. body composition

The heart-respiratory endurance improves with aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming, etc). Intensity and duration of exercise determines total calories burned. Thus, improvements in endurance can be achieved by sub-maximum intensity and long programs (certainly more than 20 minutes without intermission). Exercise intensity should range from 60% to 75% of your maximum heart rate (MHR).

Muscle strength improves by anaerobic exercises. It is usually the exercises performed with free weights, or resistance of your own body weight, and are designed to strengthen different muscle groups of the body.

Muscle strength is your ability to perform repeated contractions or maximum continuous force to a fixed object. Improved by combination of muscle power and heart-respiratory endurance, performing dynamic exercises at lower intensity and burden of improving muscle strength exercises.

The flexibility of the joints and muscle elasticity is improved with stretching exercises, especially during the warm-up and recovery. Examples exercises are static or passive stretching, active or dynamic stretching exercises, ballistic exercises and a wide range of exercises. They are very important in your program because they will protect you against injury during training and will help to maintain your flexibility as you get older.

The composition of your body has to do with your weight relative to your adipose tissue.

Class Trainer

Zarkadas Ioannis

Physican Education Teacher - Tae Kwon Do Coach - Fitness Personal Trainer


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Price: $30
Time: 6 months
TimeFrame: Monday - Sunday
Certificate: Professional